We only arrange insurances for people we have met and assets we have seen.

We had a chap phone us once, asking for “a price” on his insurance. We didn’t give him one, because we do our job properly. We get out from behind our desk and visit you. We talk to you about your business: where it’s at and where it’s going. We view your plant and property. Only then can we craft your ideal business insurance and risk management solution. It’s what we do.

“Our strategic partnerships open your business to a world-class range of insurance products.” – Stephen Doecke

What could go wrong with your business?

That’s a question not every business owner asks themselves. Have you? And if you haven’t asked that one, then chances are you haven’t got a solid answer for this one:

What do I do if something does go wrong?

Both these questions are vital for the success of your business.


In New Zealand, businesses have a lot of forces to deal with: local and overseas markets, industry trends, legislation, fast-moving technology and, sadly, even pandemics. But the event which puts your business under significant pressure might not be something so far-reaching. Even small unexpected events can throw your operation into a tailspin. Things like:

Losing stock or equipment in transit

Losing a key member of your team

Theft or destruction of stock or equipment

Being sued

Fire, flood, or earthquake

Having to order a product recall

An employment dispute

Your product or service causing injury or property damage

A breach of health and safety laws


The way in which your business plans for, and responds to, these kinds of events is the difference between staying in business and shutting the door for good.

It’s vital that your insurance and risk management programme keeps pace with the changes your business is experiencing. That’s why Asset Insurance Partners takes an active interest in your business. We actually don’t look at ourselves as your insurance broker – instead, we take pride in being your valuable strategic partner.

One way we bring more to the table than just our decades of insurance expertise is our association with The Icehouse. We don’t just want your business protected, we want it to fly! And we reckon we can help with that. After all, we understand business and the pressures that come with it.

So, if you are ready to protect your business from risk, as well as develop your business’s culture, productivity and profitability, we should talk.


“An insurance broker misses the point of business if they only insure what you currently own. As your strategic partner, Asset Insurance Partners considers your long-term plans, too.”

– Stephen Doecke

A commercial motor vehicle helps you to do business. Without it, your ability to earn income is disrupted. Whether you have just one work vehicle or a whole fleet, ask yourself What happens if:

Your business vehicle is stolen or damaged?

It can be swiftly repaired or replaced. You can receive the market value of the vehicle, or a set insured sum.

Your vehicle is in a collision and can’t be driven?

You can receive emergency accommodation and travel expenses.

The vehicle has products or equipment on board?

Salvage costs, load recovery costs, trailers and tarpaulins and hoists can all be included in your insurance cover.

Someone else’s property or person is accidentally damaged by your vehicle?

Your liability for reparation and damages can be insured against.

Your damaged business vehicle had signwriting?

There are insurance policies which include the replacement of your sign writing.


Asset Insurance Partners helps New Zealand businesses arrange commercial motor vehicle insurance solutions that perfectly fit their operation. We keep your wheels rolling.

Do you own a commercial property?

If you do, then you need to be familiar with terms like sum insured, valuation, occupations within, rebuild time, land repatriation and earthquake excess. These are just some of the elements which turned the devastating Christchurch earthquakes into an important insurance lesson for all New Zealand businesses.

When you insure your building, plant, tools or stock against loss or damage, you need the support of people who understand not only insurance, but also the construction process.

Asset Insurance Partners have over 20 years’ experience in construction and project management, but it will be the day you make a claim when you fully appreciate this expertise. We can point out the pitfalls to watch out for in your building contract.

That’s the kind of support you need when things have gone wrong and you do make a claim on your commercial property policy.

Once the dust settled after the Christchurch earthquakes, a number of insurers made the decision to no longer issue construction insurance policies. To say this had an implication on the repair and rebuild process for property owners, builders and tradespeople is an understatement.

That said, whilst the insurance landscape for construction and associated trades may now be a little more complex, Asset Insurance Partners are ideally positioned to help guide your business through this topic.

Why? Because we have nurtured long-term relationships with many builders and contractors over the years, which has given us a solid understanding of the construction industry.

Plus, within our team, we have more than twenty years of experience in project management. When we combine our extensive insurance expertise with our construction knowledge, we’re able to be your guide through the intricacies of construction insurance.

Let’s discuss your next construction project. We’d love to help.

You may not have heard of it, but the Avoca Dell Caravan Park in Adelaide holds a special place in the history of Asset Insurance Partners. It’s where principal Stephen Doecke grew up, right on the banks of the Murray River. It’s where Stephen first learnt about customer service as he cleaned the cabins, scrubbed the toilets, emptied rubbish bins and mowed the lawns. It’s where he came to realise that answering the door at 10pm to welcome a delayed guest was the right thing to do.

If you have a hospitality or tourism business, it’s this kind of experience you want your commercial insurance specialist to have – especially since Stephen later trained to be a retail butcher, which taught him a whole new set of customer service skills!

We know first-hand that tourism and hospitality businesses often don’t claim on their insurance policy. When you have a mishap or breakage, you need it fixed fast. You don’t have the time to wait in an insurance company’s queue. Besides, most times it’ll cost less to fix than the policy excess amount. We can help tailor a risk management programme which protects your business where, and when, you need it.

Need more proof we understand hospo and tourism? We’re happy to set up a six-month payment plan for your insurance premium which aligns with your high season. That means one less invoice to worry about during the slower months.

It’s all about the customer, right?

Even before the global health crisis, the retail industry had been shaken up. Customer expectations had changed. Online shopping had already shifted the way that many of us buy things. Throw in some stay-at-home orders and the responsibility for contact tracing and suddenly running your retail business is now even more demanding.

Asset Insurance Partners appreciate that focussing on your clients and your cashflow is the lifeblood of your retail operation. We really don’t want to distract you from that goal for a moment longer than we have to. But you still need to proactively manage your business risks.

So, we’ve crafted a retail insurance programme which gives you peace-of-mind without getting complex. We can even help smooth your cashflow by arranging your insurance premium to be paid on a monthly basis.

And, of course, as an Asset client you have access to our Scholarships for The Icehouse’s Leadership Development Programme and Owner Manager Programme.

Are you ready to take your retail business to the next level?