Commercial Property

“Knowing how to read a contract, highlight the pitfalls and then being able to negotiate with Contractors, Designers, Engineers, Surveyors and Loss Adjustors is pure Gold when it comes to property.”
– Carole (Sid) Doecke

When it comes to your Commercial Property there have been a number of issues learnt from the events in Christchurch. These include Sums Insured, valuations, occupations within, rebuild time frames and the like.

At Asset Insurance Partners, we have an experienced Property and Project Manager and this provides our clients with expertise which is second to none in the event of a claim. Having 20 years plus knowledge of construction is essential when handling a claim on your behalf properly.

With recent earthquakes, there have been a number of buildings which have been damaged, however the costs of repair are below their new Earthquake Excess.  This has resulted in the owner having to negotiate and facilitate their repairs. At Asset Insurance Partners we have the expertise to assist you with through this process.

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