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Trust. To Phillippa Jacobs, trust is what business is all about. For the founder and CEO of Pinnacle&Co, trust is what got her started in business and it continues to drive her Christchurch strategic creative agency forward.

“When I qualified as a designer and began searching for a way to establish my career in advertising and design, I faced plenty of doubters,” Phillippa shares. Then a business, who couldn’t give her a job, gave her a push instead. They saw in Phillippa some skill and plenty of drive at a time when she was questioning both. They trusted her enough to offer her office space rent-free for six months. That was 1997. It was the beginning of Phillippa’s journey, of learning how to be a creative business owner.

But the Christchurch earthquakes caused Pinnacle&Co to relocate their damaged studio – twice! When Phillippa describes her experience with one particular commercial insurance company as “less than favourable” she is being polite.

“They broke my trust at a time when I needed them most,” she says.

So, when long-time friend Bruce Gray mentioned the specialist insurance team he had joined, Phillippa paid close attention.

“Asset Insurance Partners are as enthusiastic about my business as they are about theirs,” says Phillippa. “They are professional. I trust them, and I like that they trust and believe in me, too.”

That trust was affirmed when Phillippa received an Asset Insurance Partners scholarship to attend the 13-week Taking Your Business Forward course at The Icehouse.

“I’m in business by myself, I don’t have a business partner or board. The chance to discuss ideas and concepts with like-minded people was wonderful. The programme reinforced for me that working on my business, not just in my business, is vital.”

Asset Insurance Partners are up-front about the flow-on effect of their scholarships: the better Pinnacle&Co does in business, the greater the insurance premiums they receive. 

“When we grow, so does Asset,” says Phillippa.
“I’m perfectly okay with that.”