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Managed Computer Networks

“The Asset team don’t push insurance, which may seem odd for an insurance specialist”

Helicopter and nitty-gritty. They were the two distinct viewpoints of his business which Azher Mir was able to enjoy during his time on the 2015 Leadership Development Programme.

“The Icehouse programme provided me a holistic view of our whole operation,” the director of Managed Computer Networks explains. “Plus, I could delve into certain pockets of our performance for a closer look.”

One of those pockets was branding and, on inspection, Azher soon realised he had been misdirected in his approach to the topic.

“I thought branding was all about logos, the look of our office and the text we use to communicate. The LDP opened my eyes to see that branding is actually how our clients – and potential clients – see us. It’s their perception that counts. That was a big mind-shift for me.”

Azher found the leadership programme lent itself to practical integration of the new material. He was able to identify the relevant learnings and put them straight into practice, moving the company forward as the course progressed.

“Everything we covered has now been ingrained into the company,” he says.

Yet Azher may not have even commenced the LDP programme if it hadn’t been for the suggestion of Asset Insurance Partners, who thought the Blenheim businessman was a good fit for their IQ-M scholarships.

“Asset Insurance and The Icehouse gave me the opportunity and encouragement to work on my business away from the coal-face. To be somewhere with like-minded people, discussing common leadership and business challenges was fantastically relevant.”

It’s that opportunity to make businesses more viable, more profitable, through organic growth which creates a win/win for Asset Insurance Partners and their clients.

“The Asset team don’t push insurance, which may seem odd for an insurance specialist,” offers Azher. “Instead, they are all about the relationship between their business, my business and every other business. Frankly, that is a refreshing viewpoint!”

Azher Mir of Blenheim's Managed Computer Networks (MCN)