Chris Bowhill

“It’s like Stephen could see my potential before I could.”

When Chris Bowhill was a fledging general manager, in order to secure a banking overdraft, he was required to have business insurance. That’s how he met Stephen Doecke.

“My speciality is in food drying and dehydration,” Chris says. But he admits now that he was comfortable and cruising. “It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the work, but I wasn’t being challenged.”

That all changed when Stephen encouraged Chris to apply for the new Asset Insurance Partners IQ-M scholarship. Chris was the first recipient.

“It’s like Stephen could see my potential before I could. Going to The Icehouse programme was a turning point for me and being mentored by Stephen made me realise that I can actually do much more.”

One of those projects saw Chris create a solution for a pollution problem in the wine industry, turning marc (the leftover grape skins, stalks and seeds) into a powder.

“Stephen doesn’t sell insurance,” explains Chris. “He grows people, all people. He has made an immeasurable difference to my businesses and my confidence. I can’t put a price on his part in all that.”

The latest interesting project Chris is working on is product development for the dairy industry, with retail stores set to open in an Asian market. He chuckles, “I love what I’m doing. Now, Stephen has to help rein in my ideas!”

According to Chris, his is not a traditional insurance relationship. “I’m not sure what Stephen would call me, because I certainly don’t feel like a client or customer.”