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Asset Insurance

“Better leaders build better businesses, better businesses build better communities; that’s our mantra.”

“We do the right thing because it’s the right thing.”

This phrase could almost sum up Stephen Doecke’s business ethos. On paper, he’s an insurance broker, but in reality, he’s much, much more.

At Asset they genuinely thrive off being a mentor, an advisor and the biggest advocate for their clients, encouraging them to lift the lid on what they’re capable of.

“Why?”, you might ask.

“Because it’s the right thing to do,” Stephen will answer. “Better leaders build better businesses, better businesses build better communities; that’s our mantra.”

A butcher by trade, his journey into the world of business began at the age of just 19; and it’s both successes and failures which have led him not only to head up his own successful business, but help countless others do the same.

“It’s up to me to live by my mantra,” Stephen says.

That’s just one of the reasons he decided to personally take on the Icehouse Owner Manager Programme.

The five-month programme challenges business owners to develop their skills, address issues in their business and implement strategies to reach greater success.

Despite already having built a more than successful business based on old-fashioned values and personal service, the programme encouraged him to dream bigger.

“It gave me the strength to believe that it can be better, that I can do it better, that there’s a better way to approach things,” he says.

“The old way of doing business, where it’s done with a handshake and you look someone in the eye and you give them your word, that still exists. It can still be done.”

Stephen has been working with Icehouse for many years, encouraging their infiltration into Marlborough and regional New Zealand in general.

Offering scholarships for their programmes is one way he hopes to encourage his clients to excel in businesses, in turn contributing toward making Marlborough an economic powerhouse.

“Once you have done an Icehouse programme and you’re thinking at a different level, you can’t go back, and why would you want to?”

Asset Insurance founder Stephen Doecke in Blenheim thrives off being a mentor, advisor and advocate for clients