Stephen Doecke

Stephen Doecke comes from a business background, growing up in private enterprise in Australia with various family interests in Tourism, Business, Commercial and Rural Properties. Having established his own Earth Moving business at 26, he eventually held a senior role for a Top 100 Company in South Australia in the same industry. Through his achievements, he was offered a role as an underwriter for a leading insurance company, eventually being responsible for Northern Queensland before being asked to move to New Zealand.

Since living in New Zealand, he has had held senior roles in insurance and business development for major insurance brokering firms in Christchurch and Marlborough.

Carole (Sid) Doecke

Carole (Sid) Doecke is a Marlborough Girl born and bred.  Being raised on a Stud Farm she quickly developed a work ethic which has been with her ever since. Having completed a B.Comm in Valuation and Property Management at Lincoln, she stopped in Australia on her way back from the U.K. where she was responsible for Local Council Valuations including wine regions such as Langhorne Creek, Padthaway and the Coonawarra.

Upon her return New Zealand, her experience in Property and Project Management has seen involvement in the building and redevelopment of many properties, as well as due diligence and strategic planning with many Iwi’s in New Zealand.

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