Hospitality and Tourism Insurance

Asset Insurance Brokers are able to tailor an insurance program to meet your needs. Why, because we have personal experience which no other insurance broker can bring to the table.

Growing up in the Tourism Industry, Asset Insurance Brokers know that you rarely claim. Most events are under the excess and you need to fix it quickly, not wait around for an Insurance Company.

“Our family still own and operate a Caravan Park / Water Ski Resort on the River Murray – Avoca Dell Caravan Park. Growing up cleaning Toilets, cleaning Cabins, doing the Rubbish, Mowing lawns and answering the door at 10.00 at night, is something you can’t read about, you have to experience it” – Stephen Doecke

As an example of how Asset Insurance Brokers understand your industry, we can provide a six month payment plan to align with your high season. This alleviates the stress of payments coming from your account in the slow time of the year.

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