Every business has a story and we’re proud to be part of yours, for there’s no sweeter tale than success.

If we kept our focus solely on business insurance and risk management solutions, we would be doing you a disservice. Instead, we are your business growth partner. Sure, we help protect New Zealand businesses from the unexpected, but we also help you to thrive. How do we do that? Firstly, by appreciating that you are constantly adapting to the fluctuating needs of your business, your market, and your own capabilities.

Secondly, we partner with The Icehouse to offer you the very best combination of academic and practical learning, all to help you and your business succeed. With our IQ-M Scholarships, we pick up the cheque. These stories share how clients of Asset Insurance Partners have embraced that opportunity and experienced for themselves the game-changing education The Icehouse provides. They’ve held on tight and steered their business towards bright new horizons. We couldn’t be prouder. Enjoy!

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“What are the two things these companies have in common? First, they have the drive to succeed. And second, they know that Asset Insurance Partners has got their back.” – Stephen Doecke