About PSC Connect

PSC Insurance Group Ltd was established in 2006 and has grown into a global organisation with a turnover of in excess of $350 Million, offering a diverse range of insurance services

The holding company has 6 AFSL Entities and operates in Hong Kong, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  Through these operations, they recognised as a leading advisor and provider of insurance, risk management and claims solutions.

PSC Connect was developed to allow insurance professional the opportunity to establish their own businesses under the umbrella of a larger entity. Asset Insurance Brokers has taken this opportunity and established itself within New Zealand with their base being Marlborough.

The principal focus is to develop partnerships with our clients, harnessing the experience and imagination of our people to deliver cost effective and innovative solutions our clients need.

We provide a highly professional service to our clients, not only in area of securing the best covers, in terms of price and security, but can offer a comprehensive risk and claims management service.

PSC Connect New Zealand have also developed a partnership the Allied Insurance Group (New Zealand) and BrokersLink Global Insurance Alliance.  These partnerships allow PSC Connect and their brokers access to world leading insurance packages and processes.

All in all, the combination of PSC Connect and Asset Insurance Brokers, provides insurance management never seen before in New Zealand.

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